Shot of the Week 2019/03 – Flamingo Family Amusements at Hastings

Posted on 23rd January 2019 by Admin under Adapted lens, Comment, Location, Photograph, Shot of the Week, Software, Technique

It had been a bit of a strange week, mainly as I was unwell and did not take as many photos as I might otherwise have done.  Fortunately, I was feeling fit enough for a camera club outing to Hastings at the weekend, where I eventually took my photo of the week. A night time […]

Autumn at Toys Hill

Posted on 16th November 2018 by Admin under Adapted lens, Comment, Landscape, Location, Software, Technique

A few days ago, when the sun last shone in this part of the world, I made a trip to Toys Hill.  It is a large area of woodland and was one of the first properties which the National Trust acquired.  A so called “hurricane”, in reality an exceptionally strong wind, devastated the area in […]

Lightroom Changes

Posted on 19th October 2017 by Admin under Comment, Software

My next blog post was going to be some pictures from a recent trip, but an announcement yesterday from Adobe has superseded that intention.  It relates to a major application which not just I, but many photographers worldwide use to manage and process our images, Lightroom.  While I have Photoshop, I find that I rarely […]

Photo of the Day – 8 April 2017: Norwich Cathedral Interior

Posted on 15th April 2017 by Admin under Equipment, Location, Photograph, Software, Technique

Another shot of Norwich Cathedral, this time of the interior looking from the Choir towards the High Altar.  The cathedral normally opens later in the morning, but our group had permission for a shoot beforehand when there was no one else around.  The only proviso was that we did not enter until after Morning Prayer […]

Photo of the Day – 30 October 2016: View from the Pulpit

Posted on 16th November 2016 by Admin under Location, Photograph, Software, Technique

  A trip to Portland Bill, which is situated at the tip of Dorset, for the sunset yielded mixed results.  After a dull start to the day, it had turned into a fine afternoon.  The sun was shining, but I could see a bank of cloud on the horizon towards which it was heading.  Something […]


Posted on 2nd August 2016 by Admin under Equipment, Software, Technique

I can be a bit slow sometimes, really I can.  A case in point is my Olympus E-M10, which I have owned for more than two years.  Yet it was only a few days ago that I realised it had a feature to tag images with the location where they were taken.  In my defence, […]

Ctein’s Observations

Posted on 9th May 2016 by Admin under Comment, Software, Technique

The meeting with Ctein was a social event, but a few things came up in conversation which I thought are worthwhile passing on here.  It is really just bits and pieces, so I’ll talk about each item under separate bullet points.  As you would imagine, a lot of what he says concerns printing, so I’ll […]

Going Back

Posted on 11th April 2016 by Admin under Comment, Photograph, Software, Technique

I have recently started going through all my digital images for a new presentation which I am preparing about my approach to photography.  The idea is to show my progression over the years and highlight any improvement I might have achieved.  I do hope there has been some and that I have not been going […]

Free Is Good?

Posted on 4th April 2016 by Admin under Comment, Software

Unless we are treating ourselves, few like paying more than they have to.  It means that we have less to spend on other essentials let alone the occasional luxury.  Over the past few years photography has been revolutionised by the emergence of two major technologies, digital imaging and the Internet.  People were quick to see […]

Nik Software Now Free

Posted on 27th March 2016 by Admin under Comment, Software

As has been widely reported, Google recently made its suite of Nik software, formerly a $149 purchase, a free download. Which is both good and bad. The good news? A collection of applications which includes the very capable Silver Efex Pro 2 for mono conversion is now available at no cost. The bad? Just about […]

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