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In my last post, I commented on one of the issues which arises when deciding which photograph to publish for the week.  In that instance, I had three candidates and for the sake of variety opted for the one which it would not be possible to repeat.  This time, the problem is different in that I have a number of shots which could make the grade.  It was a good week, both photographically speaking and otherwise.  One benefit of creating a blog article each week is that it allows the possibility of featuring alternative shots.

Family Group

I took this while on a photo walk with one of my camera clubs in and around the City of London.  Usually I treat these affairs purely as social events and any reasonable images are a bonus.  Sometimes they do prove to be very productive and this was one such occasion.

A family group on a day out
Family Group

Other Photo Walk Images

There are many churches within the City of London and many are still in use. These days, they are dwarfed by the skyscrapers which have appeared during the past few years.

Church spire dwarfed by the surrounding buildings
God and Mammon

The walk ended just off Brick Lane where there is a wall frequented by graffiti artists.  They proved to be very friendly and did not mind having their picture taken.  I enjoyed chatting with them as they worked.  If I can find the time, the shots I took that afternoon would make a blog post on their own.  For a while, this was going to be my shot of the week mainly because I enjoyed the experience of photographing them.  In the end, though, “Family Group” proved just too strong an image to ignore.

Graffiti artist in action
Graffiti Artist

The Nomadic gardens is a community area next to the graffiti wall.  There is some graffiti there as well.  Unlike the wall, where the artists habitually paint over each other’s work, the art on display is more permanent. I suspect, though, that it still changes over time. The main wall at one end of the gardens proved very popular with lots of people taking photographs.

Photography at the Nomdic gardens with a graffitio wall as a bacdfrop
Photo Shoot

A candid shot in the Nomadic gardens.

A couple at the Nomadic gardens
The Two of Us

I could not resist this shot while walking around Brick Lane. The dogs seemed quite content with their lot.

Dogs in coats


The Royal Horticultural Society’s garden at Wisley looked amazing. Probably the best I have ever seen it. The reason was that many of the trees were in blossom. Apparently, a mild winter which did not have too many cold snaps allowed the blossom to flourish. Not just at Wisley either, as the trees in my locality have also been putting on a good show this spring.

Bee on blossom at RNS Wisley

Tate Britain

I also went to see the Don McCullin exhibition which is currently on at Tate Britain. While he does shoot in colour, all the main images were monochrome. He is an amazing photographer although his many depictions of humanity’s worst aspects are difficult to look at. It does not pay to exercise one’s imagination too much about what was happening. Nor do I really comprehend how he was so frequently drawn to war situations.

Towards the end of the show there are some of his landscapes which are invariably bleak, although one does show some crepuscular rays. Which marks it out as an exception in his body of work. A ray of sunshine in a Don McCullin photograph.

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