Brighton Pride 2018

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Brighton, Pride weekend and some of the most extrovert people on the planet were putting on a show.  It was an opportunity too good to miss.  Not having been to a Pride event previously, I went with a group organised by the Royal Photographic Society.  That was definitely a good move.  The parade started at […]

Photo of the Day – 29 December 2016: Winter Woods

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Taken during a recent walk in my local woods.  The sun was setting and was low in the sky, but was just catching the tops of the trees which emphasised their forms and helps provide a sense of depth.  I like this shot for a number of reasons.  The  birch trees in the central vertical […]

Photo of the Day – 7 November 2016: Autumn Colour

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The weather forecast was for a sunny day with cloudy intervals.  Perfect, it seemed, for a shot of the autumn colour at Sheffield Park.  Inevitably the meteorological reality was different.  Uninterrupted sun while I was driving to the location, cloud by the time I arrived.  A brief burst of sun was followed by a couple […]

Photo of the Day – 8 October 2016: They Breed ‘Em Tough In Scotland

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I was in one of several dozen cars stuck behind a slow moving campervan on a narrow, twisty road.  (Don’t these people ever look in their mirrors and think about pulling over?)  So when I saw a sign saying that there was a turn off coming up for the Falls of Falloch, I took the opportunity. […]

A Footnote In The History of Photography

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The development of photographic technology has largely been evolutionary, with the underlying principles established very early on. A modern camera, for all its sophistication, essentially works in much the same way as its Victorian forebears. Light enters via a lens which directs it to a recording medium and is controlled by aperture and exposure time. […]

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