Photo of the Day – 24 May 2017: Chelsea Flower Show

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I have been going to the Chelsea Flower Show for a few years and it is always an enjoyable day out.  It represents the ultimate in gardening, even if everything on display is a construct.  Ephemeral, the show gardens exist for a brief period with one ultimate aim.  To be in peak condition when the […]

Photo of the Day – 17 May 2017: Misty Morning on Sark

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I will have more to say about Sark, the fourth largest of the Channel Islands, in a later post.  In the meantime, here is a shot which I took this morning.  After a couple of days of overcast weather with just a bit of sun, the forecast of heavy rain for the day proved to be […]

Photo Retrospective – The Street

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When starting this blog just over a year ago, I was not entirely sure what I would write about.  My only idea was to do pieces on anything which came to mind and see how I progressed.  As anyone who has been following me for the last few months will observe, my main interest lies […]

Photo of the Day – 10 April: Ely Cathedral

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Ely was close to the route home from Norfolk, so I took the opportunity to stop off there.  It is somewhere I have long wanted to visit.  The cathedral is the tallest building in the area, dominating the city and its surroundings.  It is from this visibility that it derives its nickname, “Ship of the […]

Photo of the Day – 9 April 2017: Dawn on the River Ant

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If you had asked me where I expected to get my favourite image during my camera club’s long weekend in Norfolk, I would have said How Hill.  The River Ant, which is the location of this photo, flows past and is a scenic spot.  We had visited the previous day and opted to return for […]

Photo of the Day – 8 April 2017: Norwich Cathedral Interior

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Another shot of Norwich Cathedral, this time of the interior looking from the Choir towards the High Altar.  The cathedral normally opens later in the morning, but our group had permission for a shoot beforehand when there was no one else around.  The only proviso was that we did not enter until after Morning Prayer […]

Photo of the Day – 7 April 2017: Cloisters

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This is what could be described as a “classic” shot of the cloisters at Norwich Cathedral.  A polite way of saying that others have done it before.  It would be a surprise if they had not; few worthwhile locations are unique in photography, especially in the UK.  Only the early pioneers who were shooting their […]

Photo of the Day – 6 April 2017: Tracks

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Recently, I went with my camera club on a long weekend to Norfolk. It is a part of the country I have not visited since childhood when my parents regularly took the family on holiday to West Runton, near Cromer.  Those were idyllic days as the owner of the cottage where we stayed owned a […]

Photo of the Day – 29 March 2017: Nesting Swan

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There cannot be many jobs which have not changed over several centuries.  One such is the position of swanherd at the Swannery in Abbotsbury, Dorset.  It dates back at least to the 14th century, with the first written record in 1393.  In practice, it most likely predates that.  The swanherd was originally a member of […]

Photo of the Day – 11 February 2017: Cat in a Window

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It was cold and it was dull.  No complaints about that, it was what the weatherman had predicted.  Less welcome was the constant sleet which had not been in the forecast.  I had joined the London Region of the RPS for a street walk in the Greenwich area, making sure to wrap up warmly for […]