Photo of the Day – 7 November 2016: Autumn Colour

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The weather forecast was for a sunny day with cloudy intervals.  Perfect, it seemed, for a shot of the autumn colour at Sheffield Park.  Inevitably the meteorological reality was different.  Uninterrupted sun while I was driving to the location, cloud by the time I arrived.  A brief burst of sun was followed by a couple more hours of dull; conditions before the sun made another appearance.

It was at that point I took the shot seen here.  There was some wind, so it was not the best day for reflections in the water. That said, conditions were calmer just by the edge of the lake.

Driving home I experienced the most amazing golden hour light, but was not anywhere to take advantage of it. Motorways do not generally provide the most photogenic opportunities.  It would not have helped at Sheffield Park as by the time I left the sun was sinking fast behind a hill.  Still, it was a lesson in planning a second location for the way home in case the light does improve.

Autumn Colour

Autumn Colour at Sheffield Park
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This post is part of my occasional “Photo of the Day” series when I publish any shots which I think might be of interest and tell the story behind them.  They might not necessarily be portfolio standard images, nor the final version, but still be of sufficient interest for inclusion in my blog.  If I do not show a shot on any given day, it does not mean that I did not take any photographs, just that I did not get anything worthwhile.  For me, that is part of the fun of photography, not knowing what you will find on a shoot when nothing is planned.

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