Photo of the Day – 11 February 2017: Cat in a Window

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It was cold and it was dull.  No complaints about that, it was what the weatherman had predicted.  Less welcome was the constant sleet which had not been in the forecast.  I had joined the London Region of the RPS for a street walk in the Greenwich area, making sure to wrap up warmly for the occasion.  The route took us from the O2 Arena along the Thames footpath into the centre of town, finishing close to the Cutty Sark.

At least, we tried to follow the footpath.  The area used to be home to a lot of industry, but much of it has gone to be replaced by blocks of flats.  There is also a deep water terminal for cruise ships under construction.  Ongoing building work has temporarily closed off a large section of the riverside to walkers and there was a lengthy diversion before we were able to get back to the river.  Some riverside industrial buildings do remain, but I wonder for how much longer?  The area is constantly changing.

Cat in a Window

Cat in a Window
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Inclement weather spoils the day?

So, conditions were not really suited to photography?  If there is such a thing as bad light, it is not what I and the rest of our small and intrepid group experienced.  The haze in the distant views was atmospheric and the soft, non directional light was good for capturing detail.  It is what I would call it a monochrome day, although some shots worked well in colour.  Admittedly the sleet was a nuisance.  Some of my shots which feature a lot of sky look as though there has been a severe attack of sensor dust when converted to monochrome.  Not only that, keeping the lens dry was an issue even with a lens hood.  I quickly learnt not to point the camera upwards.  The shot below demonstrates the conditions.

Jamie's Diner

Jamie’s Diner. Complete with sleet!
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My favourite picture of the day came courtesy of someone who obviously cares about photographers.  A cabinet full of knick-knacks in a window which was just asking to be shot.  What really made it though was the cat sitting on top.  A photogenic treat.

More Images

At the start of the walk, the organiser said that the area was not particularly interesting.  I could not disagree more and had a great time, despite the inclement weather.  The following is selection of other images from day.

Canary Wharf in an atmospheric haze

Canary Wharf
Hazy conditions add atmosphere.
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Industrial Works
Some industry remains and the soft light helped bring out the colours in this shot.
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Shapes and textures

Interesting shapes and textures found in the recycled boards erected to keep people out of the deep water terminal construction site.
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A new block of flats

Newly erected flats
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River view

River View
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Nelson's view

Nelson’s Domain
Nelson looks across the Thames at the Trafalgar pub.
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Passing the time in Greenwich Market

Passing the time
I ended up in Greenwich Market, which is under cover. A welcome relief from the sleet.
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This post is part of my occasional “Photo of the Day” series when I publish any shots which I think might be of interest and tell the story behind them.  They might not necessarily be portfolio standard images, nor the final version, but still be of sufficient interest for inclusion in my blog.  If I do not show a shot on any given day, it does not mean that I did not take any photographs, just that I did not get anything worthwhile.  For me, that is part of the fun of photography, not knowing what you will find on a shoot when nothing is planned.

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