Photo of the Day – 11 February 2017: Cat in a Window

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It was cold and it was dull.  No complaints about that, it was what the weatherman had predicted.  Less welcome was the constant sleet which had not been in the forecast.  I had joined the London Region of the RPS for a street walk in the Greenwich area, making sure to wrap up warmly for […]

Photo of the Day – 9 February 2017: Hyacinth

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A cold and dull day, such as the one experienced around here today, does limit the scope for photography.  There are options to use the soft light to shoot details, but as there were some fresh flowers in the house I took that option instead.  I chose a hyacinth and used the same setup as […]

Surprise Packages

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I was digging around in an old camera bag hoping to find a lens cap.  Nothing doing in that regard, but I discovered something which astonished me.  Two unopened packs of Kodachrome.  Kodak ceased processing this iconic film in 2010 but, even if that were still possible, expiry dates of 1980 and 1984 would certainly […]

Transition to Fuji – Part 3

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For the past few years, I have been actively looking for an alternative to my Canon DSLR and purchasing equipment to try on a long term basis.  At the conclusion of the previous article in this series, I was using a Fuji X-Pro1 with the XF 18-55 f/2.8 – f/4 lens.  I really liked the […]

Photo of the Day – 19 January 2017: Wind Turbines

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This is not the shot I envisaged I would obtain when I went to Reculver in Kent.  Landscape photography always has an element of fortune and this occasion was no different.  It was circumstances rather than my initial intentions which ended up dictating the eventual image.  This was my first visit there and I went […]

Photo of the Day – 2 January 2017: Nelson, Moon and Venus

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Date wise, this image is going to appear out of order on my blog, but I wanted to publish it on the day I took it.  Earlier this evening in the West End of London I saw Nelson’s Column below a waxing Moon and the planet Mars.  It made for a remarkable sight.  One of […]

Transition to Fuji – Part 2

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The Candidates Assemble At times my quest to find a new camera system has felt something akin to a series of “The Apprentice”.  I cannot take that analogy too far, though.  At the start of each series of the TV programme there are always the no hopers and braggarts.  The former get weeded out quite […]

Transition to Fuji – Part 1

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  For me, the least interesting thing about an image is the camera which was used to take it.  Which is not to say that the camera’s role is unimportant.  Clearly that is not the case.  Nor that cameras are uninteresting.  Our choice of camera does, though, have an effect on how we take photographs […]

Photo of the Day – 1 November 2016: Burton Bradstock Beach

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Taken during a walk along the beach at Burton Bradstock.  If the cliffs look familiar, it might be because they are one end of a sandstone formation which terminates at West Bay.  That is the port town in Dorset which was the main location for the filming of the Broadchurch TV series.  At West Bay, […]

On Photography

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If my blog has seemed a little quiet of late, there is good reason.  I regularly visit camera clubs to give talks on a variety of subjects related to photography and have just added a new presentation.  It is called “On Photography” and to date it has been the most challenging of all my presentations […]